Chompers, But Why, Stories Podcast, Wow in the World, Pants on Fire and Story Pirates. Awesome Podcasts that kids and parents will love!

6 awesome podcasts that kids and parents will love

You guys, I love podcasts. Six months ago, I barely even knew what they were, but now that I’ve started, I am a total addict. I still consider audiobooking to be my first love and ultimate soulmate, but (confession time) I am currently involved in a torrid love affair with audiobooking’s best friend… the podcast (don’t tell her).

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There are so many podcasts to choose from. I would venture to say there is now a podcast for virtually any topic. Go ahead, try it. Type something into the app you listen to podcasts on (I use Castbox) and something is bound to come up. I don’t know the exact number but I heard recently that hundreds of new podcasts are being created and launched every day. Crazy, right?

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Now, If you are a parent and have not yet taken the plunge into the world of podcasts made specially for kids then you are seriously missing out.


Chompers, But Why, Stories Podcast, Wow in the World, Pants on Fire and Story Pirates. Awesome Podcasts that kids and parents will love!

On many an occasion I have found myself still listening intently to the kid’s podcast looooooong after they have been launched out of the vehicle in carline and have scurried off to school.

Podcasts made for kids are informative, intriguing and, very often, downright HILARIOUS. They also make me feel like I am getting smarter by the second what with all the factoids and interesting bits of info they are constantly pouring into my ears.

Just the other day I learned that ants (which evolved from wasps BTW) don’t actually bite people but rather sting them, that cockroaches can hold their breath under water for up to 40 minutes and that a group of kangaroos is called a mob (insert visual here of kangaroos wearing black fedoras and holding Tommy Guns).

Mind… blown.

If nothing else, I am certainly upping my trivia game here.

Plus, I find that when we are listening to a podcast in the car on our way to school or on a road trip that children are much, much, MUCH quieter and less needy. I mean, I love talking to my kids in the car and all but… sometimes mommy just needs a teeny weenie slice of silence, ya know? Shhhhhhh…

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On the flip side, however, the podcasts do give us something to talk about which is nice too! They get our brains firing and wondering and that sparks up some pretty interesting car-time conversations.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 6 podcasts that my kids and I are totally into at the moment. Give them a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Chompers: a podcast for kids while brushing their teeth. Awesome Podcasts that kids and parents will love!

Okay, I know I have been talking about listening to these podcasts in the car, but… raise your hand if teeth brushing time in your house often leaves you grinding your teeth in frustration.

I’ve got both of my hands up!

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If that’s you, too, then you need Chompers. This is a 3 minute, twice daily podcast that entertains your kids with songs, riddles, jokes, stories and interesting facts while they brush those pearly whites. It even prompts them to switch sides and move from the top of their mouth to the bottom.

We love this one and I am pretty confident you will as well!

But Why

But Why: A podcast for curious kids and their parents. Awesome Podcasts that kids and parents will love!

This is a great podcast for curious kids who love to ask questions. It features kids from all over the world who send in their voice recorded questions (their little voices are so cute) and then the host, Jane Lindholm, sets out to find answers by interviewing experts in the field.

Added bonus, Jane’s voice is super peaceful and I find that this one lulls everyone in the car into a nebulous world of calm contemplation. Sounds super comfortable and dreamy, doesn’t it?

Each episode is about 20 to 30 minutes long.

Stories Podcast

Stories Podcast: a fairy tale podcast. Awesome podcasts that both kids and parents will love!

If Hans Christian Anderson came back from the grave to host his own podcast, this would be it. This is, what I would describe as, the Fairy Tale Podcast to end all Fairy Tale Podcasts. It is soothing and a little old fashion which gets kids thinking beyond and behind this fast paced, techno driven, over stimulated world we live in.

Fairy Tales are not the only genre this podcast features, however. It also retells several of the classics and introduces some new and original stories, too!

Each episode is about 15 to 25 minutes long.

Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire: A podcast of Truth vs Lie. Awesome podcasts that both kids and parents will love!

This one is super fun and, in my opinion, is more for kids who are a tad older… maybe 6ish to 10ish. Mid to later elementary school, I suppose.

Although, I will say that this is one of my 4 year old’s favorites. He goes around singing the podcast’s theme song all day which is super upbeat and catchy.

This podcast has an exciting game show feel. It takes a topic (say… carpentry) and puts two people, one an expert and one a fake (i.e. the “liar”) under interrogation by a kid who is usually between the age of 8 and 12. The kid asks questions and has to determine who is the expert in the field and who is the phony.

It teaches kids how to ask insightful questions and how to decipher true from false.

Each episode spotlights a different topic ranging from cheese to baseball to nutrition and is about 15 to 20 minutes in length.

Wow in the World

Wow in the World: a zany podcast for curious kids. Awesome podcasts that kids and parents will love!

This is the podcast that made me first fall in love with the wonderful world of kids’ podcasts and is truly a little soundbite of wow in this world!

Fellow readers, it is awesome! I mean, how could you go wrong with something produced by the oh-so-sophisticated NPR but chocked full of all the goofy things kids love?

The hosts, Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, engage in some seriously silly and witty banter while embarking on some zany and pretty ridiculous adventures that take them back in time, to the future, around the world and even inside the human body to discover all the big and amazing WOWS this world has to offer.

Each episode is about 25 to 30 minutes in length.

Story Pirates

Story Pirates: the silliest podcast that takes kid's stories and turns them into sketch comedy or songs. Awesome podcasts that kids and parents will love!

This. This, this, this, this. The Story Pirates Podcast is, hands down, my absolute favorite. It is HILARIOUS. I always try and persuade my kids to pick it because it is just so entertaining and has me literally laughing out loud behind the wheel every… single… time.

I am in awe of just how clever and creative it is. And, as a former high school Thespian (total NERD alert) I may have a secret fantasy in which I run away to join the cast of Story Pirates because it is my audio spirit animal.

They do run a summer camp in New York City each year and I am thinking about enrolling. Out of the way, kids! Mommy’s gettin’ her camp on! I think I could pass as a 9 year old… maybe 10.

The very talented actors and improv geniuses that make up the show’s crew take stories written by kids of all ages and turn them into sketch comedy or songs.

At the end they usually interview the kid who wrote the story. Some of them are as young as 4!!

This one is just too precious, creative and funny to miss so go check it out! I have my fingers crossed that they will make a TV show out of this one!

I hope you take a listen and check out some, if not all, of these podcasts made for kids!

What about you? Do you have any kid friendly podcasts that you and your children love to listen to? Comment below and let me know what I am missing out on!

Chompers, But Why, Stories Podcast, Wow in the World, Pants on Fire and Story Pirates. Awesome Podcasts that kids and parents will love!


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